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Best Water Sport Activities in Bali

Try and feel the sensation of water sport activities in Bali like banana boat, parasailing adventure, donut boat, jet ski, fly fish boat, snorkeling, ocean walker, glass boat & Turtle Island, fly board, water ski, knee board, and wake boarding. We offer the best price for you.

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Best Bali Water Sport Prices

Banana BoatIDR 45K/Person2 Persons15 Minutes
Parasailing AdventureIDR 200K/Person6-7 Minutes
Donut BoatIDR 70K/Person2 Persons15 Minutes
Jet SkiIDR 110K/Person15 Minutes with instructor
Fly FishIDR 110K/Person2 Persons2x Fly
SnorkelingIDR 110K/Person2 Persons60 Minutes
Ocean WalkerIDR 250K/Person30 Minutes
Diving in Nusa DuaIDR 250K/Person30 Minutes
Glass Boat & Turtle IslandIDR 400K/PersonPer Boat Charter1,5 Hours
Fly BoardIDR 400K/Person15 Minutes
Water SkiIDRF 195K/Person15 Minutes
Water Ski SeatIDRF 195K/Person
Knee BoardIDRF 195K/Person
Wake BoardingIDRF 195K/Person

Special Prices

Packages 3 Activities Water Sport

AFly Fish, Donut Boat, Banana BoatIDR 220K
BFly Fish, Banana Boat, SnorkelingIDR 260K
CJet Ski, Banana Boat, Fly FishIDR 260K
DJet Ski, Snorkeling, Fly FishIDR 325K
EParasailing Adventure, Fly Fish, Donut BoatIDR 375K
FJet Ski, Donut Boat, Ocean WalkerIDR 425K
GFly Fish, Snorkeling, Parasailing AdventureIDR 415K
HJet Ski, Fly Fish, Ocean WalkerIDR 465K
IScuba Diving, Parasailing Adventure, Banana BoatIDR 490K
JOcean Walker, Parasailing Adventure, Banana BoatIDR 490K