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Bali Rafting Adventure

Bali is a famous island in Indonesia. Many tourists come to Bali to enjoy their holiday. In Bali, there are some activities that you can do like rafting, ATV quad bike, water sport, jungle cart, and more. On this page, we focus on rafting. Bali has 3 spots to do rafting, there Ayung River in Ubud, the Melangit River in Klungkung, and the Telaga Waja River in Karangasem. Ayung and Telaga Waja are most favorite rivers to do rafting in Bali. Ayung River has 12 km in length and along the river, you can see many nature views like waterfalls, carved stones, and temples, and can be finished in 2 hours. Move to Telaga Waja River, it has 18 km in length. This is the longest river to do rafting in Bali. The water is white and it has the highest level of rafting in Bali. Along the river, you can see many nature views like waterfalls, Agung Mountain, and rice fields, and can be finished in 3 hours.

Ayung Rafting Location

The location of the Ayung River is in Ubud, Bali. There, you will see many starting points and there are a lot of rafting providers. We are one of the best rafting providers and we will give you a special price.

How Much is the Price of Rafting in Ayung River?

Here you can get a special price for Ayung rafting.
IDR 200K/person (minimum 4 persons)

Get a special price for group booking.

Price including:
– Welcome drink (tea or coffee)
– Towel
– Buffet lunch
– Insurance
– Rafting equipment
– Toilet and shower
– Water-resistant bag
– Professional rafting guide

What to bring:
– Short pants and sandals
– T-shirt or swimsuit
– Sunscreen
– New clothes to change
– Plastic to wrap your wet clothes

Note: You will get an extra charge for additional transport to pick u up at Hotel or Villa

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